Check the Essence of Perfection for the Best Mattresses

By varying the diameter and number of springs, manufacturers get mattresses with multiple differentiated comfort zones. For an ideal support, choose mattresses with a large number of springs (1500 to 2000 springs) and with several comfort zones. Some models may have up to 10 differentiated support zones.

The pocket spring mattress for whom

The pocket spring mattress is recommended for all those looking for quality support, durable over time. The degree of firmness that can vary from firm to very firm is ideal for overweight people. And thanks to its high permeability, it is also recommended for those who sweat a lot. This type of suspension is ideal for people who sleep with two and who move a lot in their sleep. It allows optimal sleeping independence, which avoids disturbing the other sleeper.

There are two types of latex: natural latex and synthetic latex. The natural latex mattress is made from 90 to 100% natural latex. The synthetic latex mattress is made of cellular foam and about 20% of natural latex.

The more natural latex your mattress contains, the more comfortable it will be. For better durability and firmer support, it is advisable to choose a mattress with a latex density of at least 75 kg / m³ and a minimum mattress thickness of 18 cm.

The benefits of the latex mattress

The latex mattress has many advantages:

Comfortable: the latex mattress provides incomparable comfort. It supports and perfectly matches the body shapes. The modulation of the size and distribution of the cells allows the creation of mattresses with different comfort zones, ranging from 3 to 7 zones. Each zone offers a differentiated support between the head, the shoulders, the back, the thighs and the feet thus reducing the pressure points.

Breathable: thanks to its cells, the latex mattress is very ventilated and ventilated which regulates both heat and humidity.

Resistant: the latex mattress has a long life (about 10 years). It retains its qualities of comfort and firmness in the long term.

Hypoallergenic: natural latex mattresses are hypoallergenic, antibacterial and anti-mite. Go with the best mattress support for buying a mattress.